Friday, April 22, 2011

Recent Local Goings On: Lots of Links and Bernard Rollin!

Happy Earth Day, Or Easter if you celebrate it! I'm so glad it's spring, green is just hitting the slopes around here. Aaaaah.
Came across this article in the Denver Post recently. Hopefully, it will turn out to be a local story with four happy endings. I'm going to follow these four, I'll keep you updated about how they're doing.

This makes me so angry and impatient. Mr. McKinley can expect to be getting some mail from me soon.

Yesterday, I met and volunteered with three other House Rabbit Society Members to take some calm bunnies to an Easter celebration event for the Anchor School for the Blind at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, in downtown Denver. It was a lot of fun, the children were adorably curious and innocent with the buns. No pics, I forgot the camera. The other volunteers were interesting; an animal educator, a Society fundraiser who was also originally from Ohio, and an animal rehabilitator/and vet tech.

And one month ago, I made a visit to Colorado State U.'s campus to meet and listen to Bernard Rollin. I heard about it through the Animality Studies events page. And what a fierce and compassionate personality. He talked about some of his experiences, triumphs, and failures in his involvement in animal advocacy. I learned in the state of Colorado, you can go straight to local authorities and report abuse if you see it, and they are obligated by law to check it out. I also bought one of his books and he autographed it for me. Whee!