Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thumbs and bipedalism do not a person make

I know some human people who would read THIS and still think they had valid arguments to the contrary.  What is it that makes some human peeps feel so threatened with the idea that other animals are more like us than not?  Why does the fact that other species are capable of emotions and compassion make some two-legs so full of fear and WANT to distance themselves from it?

Sigh, some days I seem to see/read more about the terrible things people do to each other and other species than the good things, and have to remind myself that we have a good side.  HERE are some more photos from the same website that a friend sent me awhile back, to help remind us that human people are capable of good deeds too.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Incident at the Bronx Zoo

Maybe I'm cold hearted, but I have zero sympathy for the man who recently received a tiger smackdown at the Bronx Zoo.  I don't wish death on the guy, but he earned those swipes.  What could he possibly have been thinking?!  The man, who's motives aren't clear from this article, voluntarily invaded a tiger den in which cubs had recently been born.  Is it safe to say the adult tiger(s) involved were protecting their family and space?  I believe so.  I also believe they had the right.  I think it's just as important to protect the captive wildlife from the human people staring at them through the glass as vice versa.  There should be stronger measures to ensure the public can't pull stunts like this.  Have you read Marc Bekoff's Animal Manifesto?  Or Wild Justice?  Or The Emotional Lives of Animals?  You should.  It should be required high school level reading.

The caption headline of the article on's homepage is entitled, "Man badly mauled by tiger attack".  It should say, "Man badly mauled by tiger after invading tiger's personal space, tiger protects cubs".