Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bunnies, Bunnies, Everywhere...

...and not a drop to drink! If you can overdose on adorable, then the Colorado House Rabbit Society is the place to do it. I visited last weekend. I met some wonderful bunny people and I start my volunteer training this weekend. They are right in between where I work and live, only about ten minutes away. Does that seem like a sign? Here are some of the bunkind I will be working with. Ah, the air is thick with cuteness and the disapproval of healthy buns!

It's a little bunny stable! I loved it, it smelled just like a horse barn, like clean sweet hay and healthy herbivores.

Here are the outdoor runs where the buns can stretch their legs in warm weather.

The bunny barnyard.

Little Dee was fast asleep when I first got home.

But she woke up...

...and silently judged me, for coming home smelling like other bunnies. I believe from this look that I'm to understand she is deeply disappointed in me. But, she's just going to have to learn to share me.

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