Saturday, November 12, 2011

Examples of anthropomorphism in consumer culture

Anthropomorphism in fables and storytelling is one thing, but as a selling tool it's just downright creepy. This video is from SnickersBrand's youtube page.

This one is from redbull's Youtube page.

This one is from thesims152325's youtube page. The Sim Pets 3 website describes the game as a way to "take direct control of your Sims pets and explore new ways to mess with their lives." Control and mess with. After watching this commercial, I think the creators could use some therapy. What a great way to further detach people from animals' true natures. Don't spend time with your actual pets, sit in front of your computer screen and mess with virtual pets instead! You'll get brushed by a woman in a French maid costume and you can urinate on the furniture while your owner gets laid! Ugh.

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